Every plant we sell is fresh from our growers in South Florida. We do not re-use any plants taken off of client accounts, and we pride ourselves on picking out the nicest, cleanest, and most full plants available.


Some clients prefer to lease plants from us rather than purchase them up-front. This provides a smaller up-front cost to our customers with the trade-off of a slightly higher monthly rate. Leases must also occur under a contract for a specific maintenance term (usually one year).

Florals and Events

Indoor Plant People provides daily plant rentals and floral purchases for events large and small (including weddings and other non-business events, in addition to business conferences, grand openings, etc.). We have a 30+ year veteran florist on staff for any ongoing or special event floral needs.


We will install and deliver any and all plants and materials according to design specifications. Our installations are timely and professional. We can even install on nights and weekends if that is most convenient for your business.


Our expert plant techs are well-trained and well-equipped to provide our guaranteed maintenance services to your business on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. And we're flexible, we'll work with you to find the right time for us to provide our unobtrusive service.

Christmas Decorating

We have decorated Northwest Florida's hospitals, public buildings, airports, hotels, and other businesses for the Christmas Season since our founding. If you're interested in bringing some Christmas cheer to your business this season, we would love to help.